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 Claus Clatter Chat

Our Regular weekly chats are on Sunday evenings and are held at the following times...

  • 5:00 Pacific
  • 6:00 Mountain
  • 7:00 Central
  • 8:00 Eastern

The more the merrier so please try to join us as often as possible! 

Live Chat Instructions
  • You must FIRST be logged into the Santamakers Forum in order to use Live Chat.

  • Click the "Live Chat" icon or click [Join the Chat] located on the lower bottom left on the forum.  Members usernames who are currently in the chat are also visible there.

  • After the chat window opens you will still need to [Join the Chat] by clicking the "login" link on the top right of the chat window.  The chat login/logout does not effect the forum.

  • You may log in & out of the chat room at any time during the chat and still participate on the message board. The chat runs independently from the message board after you initially login to the forum.

  • To view recent chat archives, click the archive link located at the top right on the chat window.

  • If at any time we have a "guest chatter" attending the chat, special guidelines apply. PLEASE read these guidelines before entering the chat.

  • Past guests have included Jack Johnston (www.artdolls.com) and Bruce Baker (bbakerinc.com).

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Chat Times: Dates and times for chats will be announced on the message board along with any special information on guests and topics. They will also always be posted on the Calendar along with the times for all US time zones (Our regular weekly chats will not always be posted). World time zones are available at http://www.worldtimezones.com for any of our members from around the world.




 Special Chat Guest

Who will be the next Claus Clatter chat guest?

We are always on the lookout for special guests for our chats. If you or someone you know has something to share with us and would be interested in becoming a special guest please contact us!

We welcome past guests to come back and chat with us again!

 Past Chat Guests

Jack Johnston

Bruce Baker
Read more about our previous chat guests and view the transcripts from the chat sessions.
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