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First you will need to join the Santamakers Forum.  When you click on the Join button below you will be taken to a verification page where you will instructed to click on a picture to be taken to the registration page.  This is a security feature to prevent "spam robots" from being able to automatically sign up to the forum using our registration page and spamming our forum with unwanted posts.

If you are new to Santamakers & are not a member of Santamakers MSN or Yahoo groups prior to 1/1/09 you may request to be added as a Guild Member as soon as you contribute 10 posts to the forum.  (This can be accomplished easily by posting an introduction in the Meet & Greet section or by posting photos of your work).

Attention:  Santamaker members already registered to the Santamakers MSN & Yahoo Groups prior to 1/1/09: You are already considered a Guild Member!  Once you join the Forum, please click on GROUPS & request to be added to the Guild Group. (Remember, you must register to the forum first) Please provide your MSN or Yahoo username if possible. 

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Donations are always appreciated to help maintain the site, but it is not required.  Besides, there are MANY different ways to contribute to the Santamakers Guild that doesn't cost much more than your time.  Read how...



The MSN Groups service closed February 2009.

This will effect the MSN Santamakers Group. MSN migrated the group to Multiply.

Since the majority of Santamakers have found Multiply difficult to use, we have created a new forum & photo gallery in hopes of solving the dilemma.

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