Our mission is to inform, teach, promote, network and offer support to both SantaMaker's and our Santa Collector's from around the world.


Help Support the Santamakers Guild

Membership to Santamakers is free, but as usual there are costs (both time and money) involved in order to keep the artists photo galleries, database, forum and web site running.  There are a few ways that members can help contribute to Santamakers. 

The cheapest way to contribute is to donate your time!  We can always use forum moderators (both full and part time). We have a good group of people and moderators are usually only needed to delete the occasional spam or help members if they are having problems with the forum.

 If you have experience at running your own forum, you can contribute by becoming an assistant administrator.  Do you have any web design talent?  We could always use your help in keeping pages updated!

If you are experienced at teaching an online workshop please consider using the Santamakers Forum or website to host your class (free or paid classes are allowed) or possibly ask for a small donation to be contributed to the Guild before you begin the workshop.  There are many ways to contribute to the Guild!

How about giving the Santamakers Guild permission to use your photos on the website & forum?  New photos every so often help keep the site looking fresh  & interesting!

There are costs involved in maintaining this site & the artist photo galleries. Although membership is free, we would appreciate any voluntary donations no matter how small. Donations are accepted securely using PayPal.  All donations will be used to maintain & host the Santamakers Guild site and Photo Galleries.

Don't forget, the best & most important way to contribute is by visiting the Santamakers Community Forum and offering support or information to other Santamaker members! 

Please consider linking to the Santamakers Guild site either with a text link or by using the banner below.

You may copy the following code & place it in the html of your page.

<a target="_blank" href="http://santamakersguild.com"><img border="0" src="http://www.santamakersguild.com/Santamakers_Forum/smg_banner.jpg" width="338" height="150"></a>

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